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Front Range Cargo Bikes

Tern HSD duo stand gen 3

Tern HSD duo stand gen 3

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The DuoStand is a robust, height-adjustable dual-leg kickstand with a wide stance that mounts at the center of your bike to keep it standing firmly on its own two feet. With the extra stability it provides, the DuoStand is a must-have for anyone who’s looking to load and unload a wriggly kid or heavy groceries, worry-free. Keeping your bike stable while loading and unloading passenger, pet, or cargo is imperative for everyone’s safety. The DuoStand has been rigorously tested by EFBE Prüftechnik for safety and durability under high stress using a custom testing protocol. It passed EFBE’s tests up to the designed load limit of 80 kg (176 lb), including the bike weight.


  • Keeps your HSD*, Quick Haul, and Short Haul steady up to an increased load limit of 80 kg (176 lb)
  • Comes with wide rubber feet that reinforces stability and protects your indoor floors from scratches
  • Easily adjusts to fit winter tires, providing your bike with the same dependable support year-round
  • Made of durable steel with corrosion-resistant coating for frequent use throughout the seasons
  • Includes stainless steel hardware for added durability

*DuoStand HSD Kit and Flat Plate may be required for installation on the HSD.


Color(s) Black
Dimensions 280 × 60 × 350 mm (11 × 2.4 × 13.8 in)
Weight 1.6 kg(3.5 lb)
Load Capacity 80 kg (176.4 lb)
Volume Capacity n/a
Material AL 6061 base, Steel leg
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